Policy Insights welcomes your submissions on relevant issues relating to economic policy and market insights. Please follow the submission guidelines below:

  • The submission must be in English and should be accompanied by a brief note containing a short description of the author’s credentials. The article should be pertaining to the following themes: macroeconomy, development, trade, market competitiveness, entrepreneurship, technology, human development, governance, and urban planning.
  • The submission must be exclusive to Policy Insights. Submissions that have been published elsewhere in any form will not be considered.
  • The ideal length is between 2000-2500 words. It should not be any less 1500 words or exceed 3000 words.
  • Policy Insights articles are targeted towards a knowledgeable non-specialist audience. The article should be easily readable. Simple and succulent writing is encouraged.
  • Policy Insights is not an academic journal. There should not be footnotes or endnotes. All references should be mentioned in-text.
  • Every contributor should include a 2-liner author bio at the end of the article. The editorial team reserves the right to edit the bio according to Policy Insights format.
  • Each contributor should upload headshot profile photo along with the article submission. It is highly recommended not to submit a passport photo. The photo has to be 500 x 500-pixel image file (JPEG or PNG format) with white (or light colored) background.   
  • Inculcation of graphs and charts are encouraged. there should not be more than three graphs and chats all together. Accompanying graphs or charts should not be should submitted in any image format (JPEG or PNG). All raw data sets are and source files (such as Excel files) should be submitted with the article. We reserve the right not to use such materials.
  • Any image submission should include a high-resolution file of at least 1000 pixel attached along with the article submission.
  • The editorial team reserves the rights to change the content according to the in-house editorial style.

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