Precision Agriculture Could be Smallholders’ Game Changer

June 6, 2023

By  A. K. M. Abdullah Al-Amin, Bazlul H. Khondker, James Lowenberg-DeBoer

Precision agriculture (PA) as defined by the International Society of Precision Agriculture refers to “a management strategy that gathers, processes and analyses temporal, spatial and individual data and combines it with other information to support management decisions according to estimated variability for improved resource use efficiency, productivity, quality, profitability and sustainability of agricultural production.” 

Smallholders’ crop farming of Bangladesh has been struggling with farm management strategy, where resource use efficiency, productivity, profitability, and sustainability are the key on-farm constraints. In addition, crop farming is also challenged by various factors related to off-farm value addition and commercialisation. However, dealing with ‘on-farm constraints’ could be the low hanging fruit for smallholders because crop farming has been undergoing transformation towards ‘sustainability, safety and profitability’. 

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A. K. M. Abdullah Al-Amin

A. K. M. Abdullah Al-Amin is Assistant Professor at Bangladesh Agricultural University and Elizabeth Creak Fellow at Harper Adams University,UK.

Bazlul H. Khondker

Bazlul Haque Khondker is a Director at Policy Research Institute of Bangladesh. He is also a professor at the Department of Economics, University of Dhaka and the Chairman of the South Asian Network on Economic Modeling (SANEM). He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Warwick, UK. His areas of expertise include social policy, development economics and economic modeling.

James Lowenberg-DeBoer

James Lowenberg-DeBoer is Elizabeth Creak Professor at Harper Adams University,UK.